Vent Tube Termination

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Dylix Corporation provides a vent tube filter at the termination point of all sensors provided with vent tubes (standard Models include GXS, ST and STD). Vent tubes are used to provide a true atmospheric reference for gage pressure sensors.

The filter consists of Gore-tex® in a PVC tube held in place with shrink wrap. The Gore-tex® allows air to pass but prevents moisture from entering the vent.

The recommended practice is to terminate all electrical connections in a NEMA-4 environment. It is also good practice to have the cable terminations and vent tube in an inverted “U” shape

Some manufactures require/suggest the additional precaution of adding desiccant packages or nitrogen filled bags, and even canisters to be used at the vent tube termination. The addition of these additional precautions may provide a level of confidence and do not adversely affect sensor performance however, Dylix Corporation’s products are manufactured so as to not require these additional precautions. Please contact the factory for additional information.