FD Series Tank Level Transmitter

0-50 inwc through 0-50 psi

For Anderson, Cherry Burrell, or King Gage Receivers

Designed for sanitary markets

Dylix’s FD Series is designed for CIP/SIP systems. Key feature of the sensing element is advanced temperature compensation methods, which not only improves performance over a wide temperature band, but greatly reduces CIP/SIP recovery times.

Manufactured for CIP/SIP & Wash-down areas

The FD Series is manufactured for reliability and stability in high humidity environments, and where direct sprays for wash-down purposes are present.

316L SST standard material of construction

The FD’s construction of all 316L SST makes it an ideal choice for applications involving aggressive fluids.

Dylix’s Customer Service

Each transducer is delivered with a NIST traceable calibration certificate.

Standard Features:

  • ≤±0.25% FSO Static Accuracy
  • Media temperature up to 300º F
  • ≤±0.25% FSO/YR stability

Available Options:

  • ≤±0.1% FSO Static Accuracy
  • Improved Thermal Error Band to +/-0.5% FSO per 100º F Digital Output

Product Specifications


Excitation 2-15 Vdc*
8-38 Vdc*
FD1 1-2 mV/V*
FD2 0-5 Vdc*
FD3 4-20 mAdc
Zero Balance =± 1% FSO
FSO Setting =± 1% FSO
Resolution Infinite (±0.001% FSO usable)
Response Time < 5 mS
Insulation Resistance 100 M Ω @ 50 Vdc
Reverse Polarity Protected
Warm-up < 10 mS
Power Supply Effect =± 0.002% FSO per V input
EMY/RFI Internal Filtering
Short Circuit Protected Up to 40 Vdc

* Options Available


Pressure Ranges 0-50 inwc through 0-50 psi
(Customer may specify any range/eng. unit)
(Absolute, Vacuum or Compound are available options)
Proof Pressure 2X Full Scale*
Burst Pressure 5X Full Scale* (Max 3000 psi)
Wetted Parts 316L SST*
Pressure Port To mate with Anderson, Cherry
Burrell, or King Gage tank receivers
Electrical Connector NEMA 4X cable exit w/10 ft cable*
Dimensions A62 King std per outline below


Compensated Temp Range 0 to 170º F
Operating Temp Range -20 to +300º F


Static Accuracy =± 0.25% FSO* (BFSL, RSS)*
(Combined effects of non-linearity, hysteresis & repeatability)
Repeatability =± 0.1% FSO
Temperature Effects =± 1.5% FSO over comp range*
(Combined effects of Zero & FSO with reference at 70º F)
Long Term Stability =± 0.25% per year

Standard Wiring

Model Output + Power - Power + Signal - Signal
FD1 mV/V dc 4 wire Red/Pin 1/Pin A Black/Pin 2/Pin B Green/Pin 3/Pin C White/Pin 4/Pin D
FD2 0-5 (10) Vdc 3 wire Red/Pin 1/Pin A Black/Pin 2/Pin B Green/Pin 3/Pin C
FD3 4-20 mAdc 2 wire Red/Pin 1/Pin A Black/Pin 2/Pin B

**Dylix Corporation reserves the right to change specifications without prior notification. Please contact the factory for the latest revision.