Option M03: Local Display


NEMA 4X—Loop Powered

Designed for easy set-up/installation

Option X13 loop powered local display is designed for quick set-up in direct read-out of milli-Amps DC, percent of full scale or in engineering units. The display can be configured from -1999 to +1999.

Manufactured for operation in harsh environments

The X13 is manufactured for reliability in aggressive environments where other indicators fail. The high impact ABS plastic housing is fully gasketed and is rated NEMA 4X. State-of-art surface mount electronics are mounted to ensure safe and reliable operation even in high vibration applications.

Available for most of Dylix’s pressure products

The X13 is available for Dylix’s gage, absolute and differential products where a DIN 43650 A (Option Code: B11) can be mounted. Calibration to specific customer requirements in mAdc or engineering units is at no-charge.

Dylix’s Customer Service

Every transmitter with option X13 is shipped with a NIST traceable calibration certificate.

The calibration certificate includes the 4-20 mA output of the pressure instrument as well as the system calibration of pressure instrument and display.


Standard Features:

  • Reads direct current
  • Can be calibrated for engineering units
  • -1999 to + 1999 display (Adjustable Decimal Point)

Product Specifications


Excitation 12-36 Vdc
Voltage Drop 2.5 Vdc max
Zero Balance ≤±1% FSO
FSO Setting ≤±1% FSO
Display 4 Digit LED
Update rate < 100 mS
Insulation Resistance 1,000 M Ω @ 50 Vdc
Reverse Polarity Protected
EMY/RFI Internal Filtering
Short Circuit Protected up to 40 Vdc

* Options Available


Materials High impact ABS plastic neoprene gasket
Mates with DIN 43650 electrical connector
Dimensions Per outline below
Weight Approximately 3 oz.


Compensated Temp Range 0 to 170º F
Operating Temp Range 0 to 200º F
Storage Temp Range -20 to 200º F


Accuracy ≤± 0.05% FSO (BFSL, RSS)
Repeatability ≤± 0.05% FSO
Temperature Effects ≤± 0.5% FSO over comp range
(combined effects of zero & FSO with reference at 70ºF )
Long Term Stability ≤± 0.05% FSO per year

Standard Wiring

Model Output + Power - Power + Signal - Signal
X13 4-20 mAdc 2 wire Red/Pin 1/Pin A Black/Pin 2/Pin B

**Dylix Corporation reserves the right to change specifications without prior notification. Please contact the factory for the latest revision.