Instrumentation / Displays / Connectors

Dylix offers pressure indicators and displays, as well as sensor connectors and cable assemblies, to meet your project’s needs. For more information or questions, call us at 716.773.2985 or complete our Contact Us orm.

MO3 Series

Loop Powered Local Display
Full 3 or 4 digit display
Loop powered (2.5 Vdc drop)
Readout in direct current or engineering units
+/-0.05% FSO accuracy
Fits standard size DIN 43650 connector
NEMA 4 package standard
Low Cost
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DI Series

Indicator / Controller
Full 4, 5, or 6 digit displays
AC or DC inut w/ internal power supply (24 Vdc)
+/-0.05% FSO static accuracy
User friendly programmability
Optional relays, analog output, digital output
Sold individually or as a pressure system
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Connectors & Cable

Mating connectors and cable assemblies for all Dylix sensor connector options
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