GXR Series Gage/Absolute Pressure Transmitter

0-1 through 0-20K psi

General Process Pressure Measurement

Manufactured for reliable service in aggressive environments

The GXR is manufactured for reliability in aggressive environments where other transmitters fail. Dylix’s automated weld procedures, extreme environmental burn-in, and the mounting of our electronics to withstand the most severe shock and vibration applications are all geared toward safety and reliability. Additional EMI/RFI filtering with surge protection add to the performance of the GXR.

Alternate materials for service in corrosive environments

For corrosive environments where 316 SS & 17-4 are not best suited, the GXR is available in Hastelloy C276.

Dylix’s Customer Service

Each GXR transmitter is shipped with a NIST traceable calibration certificate.

Standard Features:

  • Rugged All-Welded Pressure Cavity
  • ±0.25% FSO Static Accuracy
  • 0-1 psi through 0-20,000 psi

Available Options:

  • ±≤ 0.1% FSO Static Accuracy
  • ±0.5% FSO Thermal Error Band
  • Hastelloy Materials
  • Low Power

Product Specifications


GXR1 2-15 Vdc
GXR2 & GXR3 8-38 Vdc*
GXR1 1-2 mV/V*
GXR2 0-5 Vdc*
GXR3 4-20 mAdc
Zero Balance ≤+1% FSO
FSO Setting ≤+1% FSO
Resolution Infinite (+.001% FSO usable)
Response Time
GXR1 < 1 mS
GXR2 & GXR3 < 5 mS
Insulation Resistance 1,000 M Ω @ 50 Vdc
Reverse Polarity Protected
Warm-up < 10 mS
Power Supply Effect ≤± .0002% FSO per V input
(GXR2, GXR3)
EMY/RFI Internal Filtering (GXR2, GXR3)
Short Circuit Protected Up to 40 Vdc (GXR2, GXR3)

* Options Available


Pressure Ranges 0-1 through 0-20k psi
(Customer may specify any range/eng. unit)
(Absolute, Vacuum or Compound are available options)
Proof Pressure 2X Full Scale*
Burst Pressure 5X Full Scale*
Wetted Parts 316 & 17-4 SST*
Non-wetted Parts 316 SST plus electrical connector*
Pressure Port 1/4"-NPT (Female)*
Electrical Connector NEMA 4X cable exit 24” of cable)*
Dimensions Per outline below
Weight Nominal 15 oz.


Compensated Temp Range 0 to 170º F
Operating Temp Range -40 to 200º F
Storage Temp Range -40 to 250º F


Static Accuracy ≤± 0.25% FSO* (BFSL, RSS)*
(Combined effects of non-linearity, hysteresis & repeatability)
Repeatability ≤± 0.05% FSO
Temperature Effects ≤± 1.5% FSO over comp range*
(Combined effects of Zero & FSO with reference at 70º F)
Long Term Stability ≤± 0.25% FSO per year

Standard Wiring

Model Output + Power - Power + Signal - Signal
GXR1 mV/V dc 4 wire Red/Pin 1/Pin A Black/Pin 2/Pin B Green/Pin 3/Pin C White/Pin 4/Pin D
GXR2 0-5 (10) Vdc 3 wire Red/Pin 1/Pin A Black/Pin 2/Pin B Green/Pin 3/Pin C
GXR3 4-20 mAdc 2 wire Red/Pin 1/Pin A Black/Pin 2/Pin B

**Dylix Corporation reserves the right to change specifications without prior notification. Please contact the factory for the latest revision.