Gage and Absolute Products

Dylix Corp designs and manufactures highly stable gage and absolute pressure products. From our high pressure sensor transducers to our ultra high pressure sensors, Dylix’s products are engineered for minimal clamping effect and are extremely resistant to abrasive fluids.

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GX Series

General Purpose
1 psi through 15,000 psi
±0.25% or ±0.1% FSO Static Accuracy
O-Ring free design
Configurable with alternate materials, connections, performance options
Low Cost

GXR Series

General Purpose Process Industries
1 psi through 20,000 psi
±0.25% standard to ±0.1% FSO static accuracy
O-Ring free design
High Stability of ±0.2% per annum
Stocked components for quick delivery

BR Series

High to Ultra High Pressure
20,000 through 100,000 psi
Hardened sensor that withstands pressure spiking
Designed for high cyclical applications
±0.5% to ±0.25% FSO static accuracy
Excellent thermal characteristics

EXP Series

General Purpose
1 psi through 20,000 psi
4:1 turn down/suppressed zero
HART® enabled