DPL Series Differential Pressure Transmitter

Low Range/High Proof Differential Pressure Transmitter with Process Housing & Flanges

Designed using variable capacitance technology

Dylix’s DPL Series is a high static-low differential pressure transmitter based on proven capacitance sensing technology. The key feature of the sensing element is its isolation from induced stress which improves performance and long term stability over elevated line pressures.

Manufactured for extended life cycles

Reliability and stability are manufactured into every device using advanced manufacturing techniques. Extended burn in and thermal cycling are just a few extra steps Dylix utilizes to ensure performance over time.

316L SST standard material of construction

The DPL comes standard with 316L SST sensing diaphragms and process flanges to handle the most aggressive fluids.

Dylix’s Customer Service

Every DPL Series is shipped with a NIST traceable calibration certificate.

Standard Features:

  • ±≤ 0.2% FSO Static Accuracy
  • 316L SST diaphragms & flanges
  • ±≤ 0.25% FSO/YR stability
  • HART Protocol

Available Options:

  • ±≤ 0.1% FSO Static Accuracy
  • 1/2″ NPT Pressure Ports

Product Specifications


Power Supply 12-45 Vdc with no load
Output 4-20 mAdc linear
Zero & Span Adjust Continuous
Warm Up 2 seconds max
(with minimum damping)
Power Supply Effect Less than +/-0.005% of span/volt input change
Load Effect No effect except power across transmitter
EMI/RFI Less than +/- 0.1% FSO;20 to 1,000 MHz; @ 30 V/m
Short Circuit Protected

Pressure Ranges

Standard Ranges (STR) 0-5 inwc, 150 inwc, 750 inwc
Range ability 6:1 max
Maximum Static Pressure 2,000 psi
Overpressure Protection 2,000 psi without changing Calibration
Burst Pressure 8,700 psi


Static Accuracy ± 0.2% of calibrated span
Base Pressure Effect
On Zero ± 0.25% FSO standard range per 2,000 psi
On Span +/-0.5% of reading for 0-30 inwc
+/- 0.25% if rdg per 1,000 psi; 0-150 inwc & 750 inwc
Temperature Effect +/- 2.5% FSO Total Error Band for 0-30 inwc
+/- 1.5% FSO Total Error Band; 0-150 inwc & 750 inwc
Vibration Effect 0.05% FSO per g to 200 Hz in any axis
Mounting Effect Zero shifts up to 1 inwc depending on orientation
Stability +/- 0.2% FSO per annum

* Options Available


Mounting Brackets with 2" Pipe Mount


Wetted Parts
Diaphragms 316L SST
Process Flanges 316L SST
O-Rings Viton
Non-wetted Parts
Bolts Plated carbon steel
Electrical Housing Low-copper aluminum
Paint Polyurethane
Cover O-Ring Buna-N
Fill Fluid Silicone Oil
Process Connections 1/4-18 NPT (Female)
Port centers 2 1/8”
Flange adapters included
Drain/vent Side of process flange
Electrical Connector 1/2-14 NPT (Female) w/ screw terminals
Weight Approximately 6.5 lbs


Temperature Limits Operating
Electronics -40 to +200º F
Sensing Elements -40 to +220º F
Temperature Limits Storage -60 to +250º F
Humidity 0-100% relative humidity
Volumetric Displacement Less than 0.01 in3

Standard Wiring

Model Output + Power - Power + Signal - Signal
DPL3 4-20 mAdc 2 wire Red/Pin 1/Pin A Black/Pin 2/Pin B

**Dylix Corporation reserves the right to change specifications without prior notification. Please contact the factory for the latest revision.