Differential Products

Dylix Corp designs and manufactures high accuracy, high stability differential pressure transmitters, transducers and sensors. No matter your industry, we can design our products to suit your needs.

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DP Series

Compact, General Purpose
50 psi through 7,500 psi
Compact size
up to 20X overload
'O'-Ring Free design
Fast response

DPC Series

Low Range/High Static
5" H2O through 30 psi
1000 psi static/line pressure
1000 psi overload protection – standard
Compact size
Fast response option

DPL Series

General Process
5" H2O through 750" H2O
Analog or Hart output
2000 psi static/line pressure
2000 psi overload protection
Rangeable to 6:1
All 316 L SST wetted surfaces

HDP Series

High Range
100 psi through 20,000 psi
Compact size
High line pressure
'O'-Ring Free design
Fast response