Conflict Mineral Policy

Dylix Corp is working toward the elimination of conflict minerals that directly or indirectly finance or benefit armed groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo (“DRC”) or adjoining countries from its supply chain. Dylix’s ultimate goal is to have a supply chain that consists of material that is DRC Conflict Free.

Dylix Corp does not purchase any of the 3TG minerals directly, nor will we knowingly purchase specified minerals that originate from the Conflict Region of the DRC or surrounding countries. Any components purchased that may contain conflict minerals are several layers removed from these sources such that Dylix Corp must rely on source information provided by our suppliers.

Many of our suppliers have conflict mineral policies and tractability already in place and we have requested documentation from the others. We will continue to pursue this information.

Dylix expects its first tier suppliers of 3TG (“In-scope Suppliers”) to:

  1. Have conflict mineral policies in place to ensure material is sourced from socially responsible suppliers.
  2. Exercise due diligence to determine the source of conflict minerals.
  3. Not procure material from the DRC or adjoining countries that is not “DRC Conflict Free.”
  4. Provide the necessary declarations in order to determine if the conflict minerals in the supply chain are DRC Conflict Free.

Suppliers who are not in compliance with these requirements will be reviewed in order for us to determine the extent to which Dylix will continue to do business with those Suppliers.

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